Why Choose


When you think about one year from now, sitting with a friend and telling your birth story, what kind of words would you like to use to describe your experience?

Powerful. Positive. Beautiful. Calm. Supported. The best day of your life?

Whether you are planning a home birth, hospital birth, caesarean birth, vaginal birth, there is no single ideal birth.

The real ideal birth is one where you feel empowered and supported.


Mental preparation

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Program will provide you with the tools to approach your baby’s birth peacefully, positively, and fully prepared to face whatever turn your birthing journey takes.

Understanding your body


You will learn about how your body is perfectly designed for birth, as we cover the hormones, structures, and physiology of birth.
You will discover the power of the mind-body connection and how this relationship can be used to your advantage during pregnancy and birth.

Hypnosis techniques

You will develop the skills to utilise self-hypnosis techniques to achieve a state of deep relaxation at any time you choose.
You will practice the physical tools, such as massage, acupressure, positioning, and breathwork, to aid you in your labour journey.
Most importantly you will leave with a positive perception of birth, released from fears, and stripped of all the negative messages society has engrained in women of generations past.

Evidence based, current, and relevant 

All of our techniques are up to date, evidence based, and specifically designed to suit women birthing in Australia. With a combination of modern techniques and ancient wisdom we take the best of both worlds to provide you with a comprehensive toolkit to approach your birth with confidence.

The Positive Birth Program has something for everyone, whether this is your first, second, or fifth baby. Every birth is different. Every experience is unique.

Realise your incredible potential as a birthing woman

This program is an incredible opportunity to broaden your awareness, to develop a full understanding of the process happening within you, to bond with your baby, to strengthen your relationship with your birth partner, and to realise your incredible potential as a birthing woman.


Private Class

The complete
Hypnobirthing Australia
Positive Birth Program
taught in a private setting with you and your birth partner.


Group Class

The complete

Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program

taught in a small group of no more than 5 couples,

in Ipswich, Springfield, and Kenmore (alternating)


Online Course

Can't make it to classes?
The complete Hypnobubs course online, with the option
to upgrade to the Change of Circumstances bonus content and a 90 minute OR 3 hour
face-to-face private session
for support with practical skills.


Mother Moon Hypnobirthing

Jess is the face behind Mother Moon Hypnobirthing.

Registered Midwife with 10 years experience, Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth Educator since 2014, and Hypnobirthing mama to a beautiful little boy.

I am so passionate about these techniques that I implemented them for my very own birthing journey in 2019. I welcomed my son earthside in the comfort of my home, surrounded by my incredible team of independent midwives and my Hypnobirthing trained husband. Practice what you preach! Every woman deserves to enter her labour free of fear and feeling excited and confident about birthing her baby, regardless of the circumstances. My role is to help facilitate your journey toward a positive birthing experience. Upholding the principles of positive, empowered, and informed birthing for every woman is the foundation of my practice, both as a midwife and Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, and the reason I choose to teach this very program.

I feel so passionate about sharing my knowledge, experience, and energy with you as you, too, navigate this journey to Motherhood.


"Jess’s faith in my ability to reach my goal was incredible! Jess is also a midwife herself, which is one of the big reasons I choose to go through Mother Moon to do a hypnobirthing course. She had so much patience to answer SO many questions I had! Her soul and passion for women, pregnancy, and birth is contagious! She is the epitome of care and compassion. Meeting her through the course days are an absolute breath of fresh air, compared to what the broken healthcare system has to offer"


—  Leah

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