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The Birth of Alaska

After a traumatic first labour I knew I wanted to do things differently this time around. My birth with Saylor I felt I wasn’t supported by the same person from start to finish, I didn’t have anyone advocating for me in the hospital and then felt as though I was being told what to do. One intervention lead to another, which let to a traumatic forceps delivery, and long and unsupported recovery and postpartum. Anthony & I decided on a home birth this time and hired the team at New Life Midwifery.

At 10 weeks pregnant I had bulging discs and SPD, the back pain was crippling and persisted the whole way through my pregnancy.

I handled this pregnancy differently. I reconnected with Jess for a refresher course and we focused on techniques to deal with labouring at home. I was seeing Naomi from Bloom Physiotherapy to stay active in a safe way throughout my pregnancy. I was also seeing Fiona from Scope Chiropractic and Carolina from Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa. I was determined to do everything I could to prepare both mentally and physically for labour.

On Friday the 13th of January I had a feeling she might be coming, we spent the day getting clothes for her, cleaning the housing and preparing the space to birth at home. We finished the night with a family dance party and I cuddled Saylor until she fell asleep.

My contractions began at 11pm, I listened to my Hypnobirthing Australia tracks and tried to rest. At 12:30am I was up, having 4 in 10minute surges. I was happy there was no back pain like in my last labour. Anthony started filling up the pool and my waters released before I hopped in. I spent the majority of my time in the pool with Anthony by my side. Trish my Midwife & Chloe from First Glance Photography arrived but I can honestly say I can’t remember that much, I felt safe in my space and I was in the zone.

Then a trigger.

The back pain, the intense posterior back pain. It brought back a lot of trauma and my body and mind were in a state of fight or flight. I began vomiting and felt, deflated, exhausted. I wanted to go to the hospital. My team around me did so well keeping me home and bringing me back to calm.

We had sterile water injections twice. There were moments of beauty in my labour, relaxed almost felt unconscious between surges, connecting with Anthony working together. And then moments of fear. After 10 hours labouring we packed to go to the hospital, I was asking for an epidural.

We arrived at the hospital and with in the hour I was able to reach down and feel her head, she wanted to arrive before the epidural did. At 10:02am on the 14th of January our girl Alaska Blue was born ❤️

This birth was empowering, I cannot fault the support I had, every person advocated for me, respected my body and my wishes. I cannot thank those who were around me enough. My postpartum experience has been a dream, I still feel supported, my body and mental health feel amazing and our little Alaska is thriving. Invest in your pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Your baby and yourself will thank you.

Thanks to Mama Ebony and Dad Anthony

Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner: Mother Moon Hypnobirthing

Midwives: New Life Midwifery

Photographer: First Glance Photography

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