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The Birth of Cillian

After our first birth full of interventions, I knew once I found out I was pregnant with my second that I couldn't birth in the hospital system. 

My local hospital is not supportive of VBACs, only repeat c-sections, which made my decision to birth at home with an independent midwife so much easier. 

On Monday the 17th of October at 2:30am I started getting some tightenings every 5 mins. They would start and stop so I knew that he wasn't in an optimal position. My partner helped me do forward leaning inversions and some rebozo sifting every day. I used my TENS machine to get through the 2 days of early labour and rested as much as I could. I went on with my days , trying to ignore the surges as much as possible and trust my body was doing the work in preparation for labour. 

By Wednesday, I could feel them growing in intensity. I was on my knees swaying on my birth ball, riding the waves and using the boost mode on my TENS machine whenever I needed it. 

By 6:50pm I told my partner to call my midwife, Jannie, as the surges were 3 mins apart and it was getting harder to speak through them.

I was using the loose lip breathing method also known as "horse lips".

I knew every surge was bringing my baby closer to me. This labour was more of a mental game, I was so determined to have my homebirth I've always dreamt of. 

My mum and partner Isaac filled up the birth pool and I hopped in around 9pm. I was reluctant to get in as I was enjoying the relief the TENSmachine was bringing, but as soon as I hopped in the pool, I instantly relaxed my whole body. 

I swayed and rocked baby down for hours, the surges getting more intense and the pressure building. My partner Isaac using his light touch on me was so effective. 

My body felt urge to bear down, I checked myself to see if I could feel his head as it was coming down the birth passage. 

My surges grew dramatically in intensity and I was starting to really focus on my breathing. I was making some primal vocal noises as baby was coming down. My midwife suggested I use one leg up like a lunge through the surges and rock him down. 

The surges were so intense now I was telling myself I couldn't do it anymore, Jannie reminded me that I could and that I was doing it!

I could feel his head getting closer and closer.

At this point, the surges were building on top of each other with no breaks. At 1:18am with a roar, his head popped out and the rest of his body shot out, I didn't even realise he was earthside. Jannie passed him through my legs and I placed him on my chest. 

I was in shock, I did it! I achieved the birth I wanted hands off with no intervention!

I used all of the teachings Jess gave us in our first pregnancy. Truly was the most healing and empowering experience.

Mama Shannon

Dad Isaac

Midwife Jannie from

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