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The Birth of Anthony

My waters released on their own at home on Friday morning. We made our way to the hospital. With minimal interruptions, my affirmations recording, exercise ball, TENS machine and loving husband, we began labouring at 11am in our suite.

A beautiful birth for first time parents using Hypnobirthing for their hospital birth.

Every so often Nic traced figure eights up and down my back and gently rolled my clary sage across my wrists. He was incredibly responsive to my needs.

Active labour kicked in at 6pm so we moved to the shower where I welcomed every surge knowing that my baby was coming. By 7pm I knew it was time and asked Nic to get the midwife. On my first and only vaginal examination, it was time to move to the birthing suite ( I trusted my body- and it was right!).

Naturally I went down into child’s pose and began to bear down. The power behind the surges was absolutely incredible and I’m sure the midwives could tell through my moans (it felt good to be vocal).

With my last few surges I lifted one knee and let out two almighty screams. Nic received his little boy - Anthony Thomas - and passed him through to me.

We sat in this moment of absolute exhaustion and silent admiration- we had created and birthed this perfect little person just as we had imagined.

I received many affirmations from the team on my ability to manage as a first time birthing mother.

We received affirmations as a strong birthing couple and many thanks from the participating obstetrician and midwives who were able to be part of our natural birth with minimal intervention and alternative methods. We were lucky to have an amazing groups of midwives that supported our choices- we were able to get some amazing photos of our experience.

If it wasn’t for the time that my husband and I had spent with Jess from MotherMoon Hypnobirthing doing the learning we did, I wouldn’t have believed in the power of my body, it’s connection with my baby and my ability to tap into its strength.

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