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The Birth of Goldie

This is the story of Goldie Rose, second daughter to Lacey and Brent. You can read Lacey's first birth story here - The Birth of Myla. For her second pregnancy Lacey decided on a private midwife and homebirth instead of going back to private obstetric care. They came for a Hypnobirthing Refresher course to prepare for their homebirth.

Couple doing massage and hypnosis during Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

12:45pm Myla woke up from her nap. We were sitting on the lounge watching the rest of Creed 2 and Myla was snuggled up to me and watching play school on my phone. After we had some lunch and while I was sitting at the dining table the braxton hicks were getting a bit more uncomfortable and I couldn’t sit still and I felt like I had to go to the toilet. At 2:30pm I left and went to Woolworths to get some top up groceries in case the baby came that night or next morning.

At the time I thought something might have been happening but I was going about my day as normal hoping it would progress steadily and I felt comfortable. At Woolworths I had what I thought was still braxton hicks with light period pain in my lower abdomen and I continued to shop and took and little break when I had a tightening. The tightenings felt so different to what they did when I was in labour with Myla so I ingnored them thinking I was in early labour and had a long time to go.

At 3:10pm I left Woolworths and got home, as I got inside the door I noticed that the braxton hicks turned into a contraction feeling but still felt much different to what I had with Myla so I wasn’t sure what was going on. I had a shower to try and relax and get into labour zone.

Myla came into the bathroom with my phone pretending to talk and pressing all of the buttons and I couldn’t concentrate and called Brent in. Shortly after I got out of the shower and laid on the bed and Myla asked for boobie. She fed for about 2 minutes and I had a really intense surge that made me cry out a bit. I called my midwife at 3:30pm because I didn’t know what was happening and why the surges were so intense so soon. I began to panic thinking 'how the hell am I going to put up with labour if this is just the start?'.

Alex told me to run a bath and relax, she was just down the road and would be over soon after her home visit appointment. I started to run a bath and got into about 3 inches of water for about 2 minutes before I had another intense surge. I wasn’t comfortable in the bath tub I asked Brent to get the birth pool ready. Poor Brent was running around like a mad man trying to complete all the orders I was barking at him. I moved into the bedroom and kneeled next to the bed leaning over it. I had another surge and my water popped all over the floor and I had a slight urge to bear down. I felt the pressure subside and I got Brent to call Alex again and I told her my water released and I felt like I needed to push. Alex arrived about 10 minutes later and I was bearing down with every surge.

Alex knelt down beside me and I grabbed onto her hand. She said she could see some of the babies hair already. Myla came into the bedroom and stood right next to me rubbing my back and cuddling me on occasion. At 4:36 pm our daughter Goldie Rose was born on the floor of our bedroom with daddy catching her and passing her through to me and big sissy watching on from the bed. Only an hour and a half of labour!

It was the most amazing experience and I loved every second of it. I’m so happy I had a home birth and had Alex as our midwife. Thank you Jess, it all happened so quickly and I couldn’t have done it without doing the ground work with you both times. You’re the best 🥰

Mother breastfeeding after birth while older siblings watches on. Birthing affirmations in background of homebirth.

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