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The Birth of Alexander

Plans may not always go to plan. Birth is less about the plan, and more about the information, support, and preparation that facilitates informed decision making with the circumstances that are given to you.

At 36 weeks finding out baby was breech meant facing a whole new path of decision making.

Despite practicing all of the available 'breech turn' techniques, baby was adamant that breech was the best position for them. Unfortunately Vaginal Breech Birth (VBB) was not a viable option at the local hospital, so a transfer to a VBB supportive hospital was made and birth preferences adjusted to account for vaginal breech variances.

Then all there was to do was wait for labour and surrender to baby's choice birth.

A caesarean date was booked for 41 weeks to allow as much time as possible for natural labour to start, knowing an induction is not a recommended option for breech.

The days passes by and soon enough it was time to head into hospital to meet our beautiful baby with a quick message to Jess at Mother Moon Hypnobirthing.

"Thank you, Jessica! Your positivity and support have helped carry me through this tough last part of my pregnancy. I am on my way to the hospital now, booked into a Caesarean section this AM. It is not how I envisioned my birth experience but with help from powerful women like yourself, I can say that I am empowered."

As far as caesareans go, I feel like mine went very smoothly. Of course, there was some good and some bad but at the end of it, I got to meet my beautiful baby boy! Meet Alexander Gabriel!

Recovery in the hospital had its ups and downs for my baby and me but we got through it together.

After getting home, it was evident that Alexander had a pretty restrictive tongue tie. A hard decision was made to have it snipped. It was a stressful day emotionally and physically, but I was glad to end the day with some skin to skin baby cuddles :)

Now, Little Alexander is gaining weight and feeding like a champ... he hardly wants to leave my loving arms and I’m not complaining!!

Thanks again Jess for being so supportive in my journey. Your kind and gentle reminders of wisdom and strength helped me brave my experience and I am a better woman for it.

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