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The Birth of Franklin

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

On the 12th August at 40 +5 I noticed that Franklin wasn’t moving as much as normal (he normally had a party after I drank a hot milo) so I FaceTimed mum (like I do every morning) and spoke to her about it. She said go to the hospital to get a CTG and pack backs for the kids. I texted Meg (my midwife ITAVM) to see what said would say. She agreed and I went to the hospital to get a CTG. I picked Benji’s and Dixie’s night bags just in case they needed to stay at my parents place.

On my way to drop the kids off I called the hospital to let them know I was coming in. My sister dropped me off to the hospital. I kept my midwife and hubby updated. Everything looked good on the CTG and they wanted me to book in for and induction of labour. I did book for 42+2 weeks.

I went back home with the kids and once I got home I was feeling surges that were like Braxton Hicks with a little light period cramp. I just brushed it off. I was talking to my sister in law who lived with us at the time. We were hanging out before she left to go to the airport that night.

At 5:40pm I text Meg and said Frankie feels low so low if I jump he’ll come out. I jumped -nothing happened. After that I started the kids' bedtime routine. Alex (my hubby) came home from work about 5:45-6pm and he got ready to take his sister to the airport. While we were waiting Dixie went off to bed and Benji, Porscha and I were chillin out in Benji's room. I explained to him that Auntie Porscha was going on a big plane.

While we were in his room I just keep feeling pressure and cramps but it still just felt like period cramps. We put Benji to bed and I felt like I was going to throw up and going to the toilet to poop. By this point I knew baby was coming. I said to Alex I think the baby is coming but he didn’t hear me because Porscha was talking.

They said goodbye and about 10 minutes after they left Benji got out of bed and didn't want to go back to bed. I called my mum to come over and help with Benji and honestly I was scared to birth by myself. I let Meg know that the other two had left and I think the baby was coming.

Mum arrived and I was trying to set up the birth space. I was still having mild surges but once I moved the dog cage with the dog in it they got intense. I called Meg and she said she would get everything ready on her end and she would come when I wanted her. I texted my birth photographer Kirby from Olive Juice Lifestyle.

I called Alex and they were just about to get to the airport and he was like but you werent in labour before I left! He called me when he was at Jindalee bridge and asked me how far apart my surges were. They were ranging from 7 to 15 to 3 minutes apart so he thought we have a bit of time.

I called Meg and Kirby to come I felt like baby was not far off. Alex got home gave me a hug and kiss and said I’m going to pump up the pool (I was laying on the couch with mum and Benji). Benji had just fallen asleep on mum.

After Alex pumped up the pool Meg arrived. They started filling up the pool then I asked Alex to take Benji to bed. I told mum she could leave. Mum was leaving but Meg had to move her car for her to leave In the time Meg moved her car and walked back into the house my water released.

I yelled out "I think my waters have broken!" Meg said to me let’s move to the pool then I had a surge. Meg said before you have another surge let’s move to the pool - giving me the look. I was like okay okay.

I stood up and felt a trickle down my leg. I walked to the the pool and got in. As I got in I was like oh this is so nice and warm.

The water was going cold out of the hose. Meg ran to turn it off then I got a surge and called Alex over to hold my hands. Then I started bearing down.

I pushed once and felt his head right there. Then I pushed down again and his head was born. Kirby and Maet came in and then with the next push his body was born. It was so amazing.

Then I had after birth surges to birth the placenta. The placenta came out 30 minutes after I gave birth to Franklin. We chilled in the pool for a little bit then we headed to the bed room. After settling down in the bedroom I called Porscha before she headed off on the plane.

Our beautiful boy Franklin Thomas born at 40+6 weeks at 11:22pm.

Head: 33.5cm

Length: 53cm

Weight: 3.23kg / 7lb 2oz

Midwives: It Takes A Village Midwifery

Birth Photographer: Olive Juice Lifestyle Photography

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