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The Birth of Saylor

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

"I knew all of my options and what they meant for us"

At my 40+ week appointment we were advised that our baby was posterior.

I contacted Jess and went back over all of my tools. I did everything I could to help her rotate. I had high hopes she would turn during labour.

I had every intention of having an unmedicated birth, however things didn't go according to Plan A. When I presented to hospital after a morning of surges I was 4cm dilated.

4 hours later I was 7cm dilated.

In the following 8 hours I remained 7cm. I requested morphine to help relax everything, hoping that would help her to rotate. The back pain from her being posterior was challenging. My intuition was telling me she wouldn't be born soon.

Her head was in an awkward position (acynclitic posterior - meaning back to back with me, and her head tilted on an angle and presenting a larger diameter in my pelvis) and she was stuck like this. At 11pm I hadn't dilated further and considering Saylor's position I chose to have an epidural.

In response to the epidural Saylor's heart rate dropped, so the team prepared to take me to theatre in case a caesarean was needed. They turned me onto my left side to give her more oxygen and thankfully that worked to improve her heart rate.

For the hours that followed I just laid in bed hoping to dilate further.

I did.

I was 10cm dilated and ready to push.

With each surge the midwives would tell me when to push. Her head would move down and then recede back.

I agreed to a vacuum assisted birth, however that didn't work. The vacuum kept popping off. Saylor's heart rate kept dropping so they reverted to forceps and we had one attempt with this.

And then it happened. At 4:01am Saylor was born onto my chest, with my partner by my side and we were filled with relief and love.

Throughout my labour I was supported by Anthony and my Mum and I honestly couldn't have done it without their support.

Labour is such a beautiful, empowering experience.

My labour was a marathon with multiple challenges.

When my baby was at possible risk my preferences and idea of a natural birth was not my focus. I just wanted to do what I could to bring her here.

My Hypnobirthing techniques were amazing. I understood all of my options and what they meant for us. I don't know how my labour would have been if I didn't have Jess and her education and Hypnobirthing techniques behind me.

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