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The Birth of Amelia

What an amazing, intense, exciting, emotional and loving experience birth is!

One of the best things I did during pregnancy was joining Hypnobirthing Australia and educating myself on birth, baby, calming techniques and breastfeeding.

Even though I was induced with the Prostaglandin gel due to being overdue, I utilised these calming/breathing techniques to help with the surges and the thoughts in my head while in labour. Knowing how to calm myself, and breathing through the surges not only helped me physically, but mentally. I approached labour with a calm attitude and I believe this is what helped my body go into active labour itself with no Syntocinon drip.

Not knowing what to expect with the first pregnancy, I chose to use gas to help ease the intense sensations I felt when the surges came through, and knowing how to breathe properly helped me get through this intensity. In the bearing down stages I knew I was so close to meeting our little girl and even though it was intense and challenging (I had to do this without gas so I felt everything!), the best feeling is when our baby girl's head and shoulders slipped through.

The relief, love, joy and excitement you feel is just phenomenal. I had the best experience with pregnancy, labour and birth and I’m so blessed and grateful to have our little girl in this world healthy and safe!

I would do pregnancy and birth ten times over!

(If my body let’s me lol)

A massive thank you to Jess from Mother Moon Hypnobirthing for her knowledge and positivity throughout the experience. You were what helped me get through the tough times and I’m so thankful that I got you as a mentor! THANK YOU! Xx ❤️

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