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The Birth of Arya

I was hoping to go into labour naturally but we were having reduced foetal movements for a number of days so my midwife recommended I get induced.

I had to go in the next day to get the balloon catheter inserted and that stayed in overnight. Then they took me to birth suite. I had dilated to 3 cm with the balloon and they broke my waters (ARM). I then did some body work to encourage surges to strengthen, but they were not progressing yet so they started syntocinon (Synthetic Oxytocin) at around 3:30pm. They increased the dose until around 6 pm when my surges were established at 4 every 10 minutes.

Even though I was having the induction and was not able to have a water birth I still made sure to play my music, set up fairy lights, candles and my affirmation cards to make my birth place positive and calm. I then just used multiple positions and Hypnobirthing techniques to manage the pain. At some point my midwife requested to put internal monitoring (a Foetal Scalp Electrode) on baby as the CTG trace kept disconnecting and wasn't recording well enough.

She did a vaginal examination while attaching the FSE and I was 5 cm dilated, but then I moved positions to an all fours position and suddenly felt like I needed to bear down.

Arya was born soon after that at 9 pm. Wes, my husband, was able to receive our baby and cut the cord and we were able to have skin to skin and enjoy those precious moments together. I was offered gas and air during the bearing down stage but found it easier to focus on my breathing techniques without it.

It was an amazing peaceful birth where I didn’t use medications or an epidural to manage the labour (that could have been passed through to my baby) and was able to get through it and be present during the whole experience.

I hope if you are considering an induction you will be able to read my story and find some strength in knowing if I can do it, you can do it too!

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