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The Birth of Lyla

During my last week of pregnancy, bub had turned into a not so favourable position with her back to my spine (posterior). This was causing some start stop labour tightenings that were not establishing. Myself and my partner Isaac used our knowledge from our Hypnobirthing Australia classes with Jess on how to turn baby to an anterior position. We had hours of shaking the apple tree with the Rebozo, polar bear positioning, sitting on the birth ball rotating baby, and forward leaning inversions etc.

I had in my birth preferences that I wanted to use natural means of inductions before any other options.

After using my natural techniques, at 41+5 weeks I was booked in to be induced with the prostaglandin gel.

On Sunday the 6th at 7am, I entered the latent stage of labour. I felt every surge through my lower back as my baby still had not turned. Hours and hours of riding the waves that would be inconsistent with timing and intensity. One surge forming on top of another. (This is very typical of a posterior labour).

I listened to my Hypnobirthing Australia affirmations on repeat throughout my entire labour. The second the track would stop, my surges would intensify dramatically. It's so crazy how conditioned I was to that track. I had it on repeat and the second it would stop my surges would feel more intense until it was turned back on! I used gas and air throughout my labour which helped me with slowing my breathing. I was swaying and rocking, trying every position to help bring baby down and turn.

At 3pm my surges start to intensify and I felt a pressure in my bum. I thought my baby was going to arrive soon. My midwife looked at the purple line and could see I was about 4cm ( I had in my birth plan that I didn’t want to know how I was progressing, I found this out post birth). Feeling pressure can happen early in a posterior birth.

My waters were released artificially and I was placed on the Syntocinon drip to try and speed things along. At this point I was so exhausted, I agreed to these interventions however I asked for the drip to be increased slowly.

At 8pm, my surges were so intense I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. I had a massive bulge in my lower back, indicating baby was moving down. The midwives couldn’t trace her heart beat anymore as she had descended so low into the pelvis so I agreed to a Foetal monitor. They confirmed I was still 4cm dilated and my cervix was now swollen and thick.

Bubs heart beat had dropped from 160 to 60bpm for 4 mins. Distressed.

Next thing I know, the lights are on and about 10 people entered the birth suite to help us.

As I was being rushed to theatre, my lovely midwife played the Hypnobirthing Australia affirmation track for Caesarean. I felt my surges getting stronger and stronger and less bearable.

I sat on the operating table as the anaesthetist was prepping for the spinal anaesthesia. I had two massive surges. One after the other. I focused on my breathing and was able to sit still. The affirmations were so helpful because I was nervous about the procedure.

I was relieved once the contractions stopped. I knew I would be meeting my baby so soon.

About 10 mins later, my baby girl was handed to me and placed on my chest while they finished the surgery.

Although it wasn’t my original plan, it still was a magical experience that brought my baby girl into the world. I tried so hard to have a natural labour, but things can change in a split second.

I’m so thankful that I had the knowledge and tools to have a positive birth experience despite the circumstances. I wouldn't have been able to advocate for myself if it wasn't for Jess's classes.

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